Sunday, May 18, 2008

Podcast #144 - May 2008 Bits and Bytes

Hello. Today's podcast is a random collection of thoughts and ideas - many about the upcoming summer months. Weddings, summer conferences and a new BlackBerry phone.

Direct link to Speaking of History #144 - May 2008 Bits and Bytes - MP3 Audio File - 15:30 Minutes


  1. Hi Eric,

    Just thought I'd chime in about your Blackberry. I/we received ours [our entire IT department] back in January and it has been a fun ride ever since. The nifty part has been downloading the apps directly to the Blackberry and being able to invoke them from the Blackberry desktop [but you have probably figured that one out already]. My favourite is the Google Apps download for Blackberry. Here's an archive from my blog of some of the great things you can do.

    Take care and thank you for your contribution to education.

    Kent Manning
    Technology Teacher - Ontario, Canada

    Coming to you from: The north shore of Lake Ontario in Canada, just across the lake from Rochester, N.Y.

  2. Kent - Thanks so much for the link. I really haven't had too much time to play with the BlackBerry but plan to this summer. I was surprised there is not a manual to help a new owner figure out all the features. Thanks again.