Thursday, July 17, 2014

Resources for Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank Economic Education Conference

Today's post is a list of resources from my presentation "Going Google : Google Tools For Teachers" at the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank on July 17, 2014.

All of the resources that were mentioned in the presentation are listed below as a reference for the future.  Please bookmark this page for easy reference when you are sitting in your classroom and want to find the one Google app that was mentioned today that would be perfect for that new lesson or activity.

Favorite "Economic Specific" Resources

  • Freakonomics Podcast - amazingly awesome resource for economics teachers, can listen to podcasts online or subscribe on iTunes - all FREE
  • Planet Money from NPR - a blog and podcast with interesting stories and sessions on current events and economics, very classroom friendly

Google Tools and Apps to make your life easier and your classroom more engaging for your students.

Google Docs - Research

Google Search

Google Hangouts

Google Alerts
  • Google Alerts - get a notice when something you care about is added to the web

Google Maps
  • Google Map Gallery - a collection of already existing maps which overlay on top of Google Maps, a variety of topics including economics

Google Views

Google Forms

Google Cultural Institute
  • "Before the Leaves Fall" - Google collection on the start of WWI in conjunction with the World War I Museum here in Kansas City

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