Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Podcast #7 - School Year Technology Goals Progress Report

We are six weeks into the 2005/06 school year and it has been almost four week since my last podcast so I wanted to give a quick report on how some of the projects are coming along. Our social studies department here at South Valley Jr High has purchased i-River MP3 players to use for instruction, I have recorded a study cast for my students to help them review, plans are underway for a podcast with a local politican and we are planning a community technology night at our school for November. I also share a new educational technology podcast that has a focus on handhelds in the classroom.

Please feel free to e-mail me suggestions or comments. I would enjoy hearing from you - how you find the podcast, where you listen from, how you use technology in your classroom, etc. E-mail me at

Direct link to Speaking of History Podcast #7

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  1. I'm not a school teacher but I'm new to podcasting and am on the podcast educators list (where I caught your email). I'm trying to interest my sister in podcasting (she teaches variously in years/grades 1-7 here in Australia) and explore podcasting as a tutorial tool for the educational work I do.

    I gravitate to the teachers because they seem more focused on the technology attributes in the context of workshops, tutorials and forums -- the environment I work in.

    Anyway, I'll check back and see how your tech year goes.

  2. Thanks for the comment Dave.

    I would suggest that your sister check out the work that Bob Sprankle is doing in Maine with his 3rd and 4th graders. He has them creating a great show and it really shows the power in enabling grade school students to become the "producer" of content instead of the "consumer". I hope to someday be doing as great a job as he is with his students. He also does a podcast just for teachers which is also fantastic. He can be found at

    Thanks again for your comment. Great to hear from a friend from down under.