Sunday, May 21, 2006

Podcast #26 - Jesse James Gang Bank Robbery Re-enactment at Liberty, Missouri

Hello. Today I have a podcast with content from our local "Spring on the Square" festival here in Liberty, Missouri. Liberty is the county seat for Clay County and we have a historic town square with the old courthouse in the middle and many historic buildings downtown. Each May the community has a celebration on the square that includes games for kids, craft tents, games, food, etc. On one corner of the square sits a historic bank. On February 13, 1866 a group of local men (thought to be the Jesse James Gang but it is still debated today whether or not Jesse James was present since he might have been at home nursing an injury) robbed the bank and took off with $60,000 in the first daylight bank robbery in the United States. A local teenager was shot and killed as the men escaped. Each year during Spring on the Square a local group of re-enacters and their horses play out the events of the robbery at the site of the bank which is now a musuem.

I recorded the audio narration of event and have included some photographs from the re-enactment. I do hope to devote an entire podcast later this summer on the Jesse James Bank Museum here in Liberty.

If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me at It is always great to hear from listeners. Since November of 2005 we have had visitors from 83 different countries at this site. I welcome any feedback you may have about the show.

Direct link to Podcast #26 - Jesse James Gang Bank Robbery Re-enactment at Liberty, Missouri - MP3 format (10:17 minutes)

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Podcast #25 - Students Dramatic Reading of "Runagate" - A Poem on The Underground Railroad

Hello. School is almost done for the year and tonight I want to post an awesome example of what students can do in terms of content for a podcast. Two of my 8th grade American History students - Jonathan and Alex - came to me a couple of weeks ago while we were studying the Underground Railroad and told me they had performed a dramatic reading of the Robert Hayden poem "Runagate" - a poem which portrays an escape by a runaway slave - for a speech contest. I asked if we could record it for the podcast and they allowed to me tape their reading of the poem. The rhythm and pace of the reading attempt to capture the frantic pace of a runaway slave.

Thanks so much to Jonathan and Alex for allowing me to record and post their work. Podcasting student produced content is a powerful tool and I hope to include more student created work such as this next year.

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Direct link to Podcast #25 - Students Dramatic Reading of "Runagate" - A Poem on The Underground Railroad - MP3 format (7:30 minutes)

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Podcast #24 - The National World War I Museum - Liberty Memorial in Kansas City - Interview with James Barkley

Hello. It has been a while since my last podcast - always gets a little hectic as the school year winds down. I have been working on several episodes now it is just a matter of editing the interviews and content to create the final podcast. A couple of weeks ago I paid a visit to the Liberty Memorial World War I Museum in Kansas City. The Liberty Memorial is currently in the final stages of a huge renovation. The Liberty Memorial has been recognized by Congress as the official World War I museum in the United States. In the fall of 2006 the museum will open with a dramatic addition to the already impressive display on World War I. I sat down and interviewed Mr. James Barkly, the Education Program Coordinator of the Liberty Memorial (e-mail: . If you teach American History in the Kansas City area you should really try to organize a field trip to the museum. If you teach World War in any other part of the world please contact James Barkley for a CD collection of lesson plans that you can incorporate into your curriculum. In addition to the interview, I also took photographs of the existing museum and created a short 3 minute slideshow using PhotoStory 3. To gain a perspective of the museum view the slideshow for images from inside and outside.

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Direct link to Speaking of History Podcast Show #24 - The National World War I Museum - Liberty Memorial in Kansas City - An Interview with James Barkley

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