Thursday, January 26, 2012

Podcast #215 - "Watching" the State of the Union Through the Eyes of Twitter

Today's podcast is sort of a rambling (consider yourself warned) about how I watched my Twitter feed about the State of the Union Address last night before I listened to it on my own.  Viewing events like debates, speeches and sporting events is definitely different when you are commenting and watching it live on Twitter.  What does this say about us socially?  Do you watch live events with your phone or i-Pad in one hand commenting to Twitter?  Please listen to the podcast and then leave a quick comment.

Direct link : Speaking of History Podcast #215 "Watching the State of the Union Address Through the Eyes of Twitter" - MP3 file (9 minutes)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Podcast #214 - Antique Radio Time Machine

Hello.  Today's podcast is part do-it-yourself, part technology.  I discuss how in a couple of minutes we took our family antique cabinet radio from the 1930's and soon had it playing Glenn Miller big ban music and reports from D-Day.  

Direct link : Speaking of History Podcast #214 - Antique Radio Time Machine - MP3

Links from podcast:

Old World Radio - great site to download original music, comedy shows and dramas

Montgomery Ward Airline 62-215 Radio - 1935

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Podcast #213 - I'm Back

Hello. It has been 535 days since my last podcast but I'm back.  I really enjoy podcasting and it is my hope to rejuvenate the post here in 2012.  I have been busy the past 2 years working on my doctorate and that time that I used to spend on the podcast has largely been consumed by doctorate work.  I am now finished with my course work and am writing my dissertation.  Today's podcast is a short recap of what has been happening in the past two years and my desire to get back on track.  Thanks for listening.