Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Podcast #214 - Antique Radio Time Machine

Hello.  Today's podcast is part do-it-yourself, part technology.  I discuss how in a couple of minutes we took our family antique cabinet radio from the 1930's and soon had it playing Glenn Miller big ban music and reports from D-Day.  

Direct link : Speaking of History Podcast #214 - Antique Radio Time Machine - MP3

Links from podcast:

Old World Radio - great site to download original music, comedy shows and dramas

Montgomery Ward Airline 62-215 Radio - 1935


  1. Mr. Langhorst,
    I found this post very interesting! I never thought about restoring an antique radio by using an MP3 player. I laughed when you said that y'all put it in the bathroom to hold towels for storage. My mom would probably do the same thing. I like how you see things in a different view as a history teacher. Many people would trash objects like this but you used your creativity, I admire that. I also think that it's a great idea that you download old music, shows, and speeches from Eisenhower to match the vintage feel of the radio. This a perfect idea, like you said, for a history teacher to put a small one in the classroom. Students would get a better feel, and idea about the way America used to be. You have some great idea's! Thanks for a great how-to post!!

    Emily Nadeau

  2. Your idea inspired me to do the same and while I was looking for a radio I found this.