Thursday, January 26, 2012

Podcast #215 - "Watching" the State of the Union Through the Eyes of Twitter

Today's podcast is sort of a rambling (consider yourself warned) about how I watched my Twitter feed about the State of the Union Address last night before I listened to it on my own.  Viewing events like debates, speeches and sporting events is definitely different when you are commenting and watching it live on Twitter.  What does this say about us socially?  Do you watch live events with your phone or i-Pad in one hand commenting to Twitter?  Please listen to the podcast and then leave a quick comment.

Direct link : Speaking of History Podcast #215 "Watching the State of the Union Address Through the Eyes of Twitter" - MP3 file (9 minutes)


  1. Mr. Langhorst,

    I love the idea of using Twitter to look at current events like the SOTU! In your podcast you asked about whether it was less social--definitely not. Twitter (and other social networking sites) offer a chance to connect with people on another level. As you said, you can have discussions with people you've never met. With Twitter you're effectively expanding your horizons. I was particularly interested in how teachers can collaborate through Twitter. I had never thought of this and how it would actually play out before. Very cool! Did you use any of the ideas from other teachers about discussing Bin Laden's death with your students?

    I think it might be interesting to bring Twitter into the classroom. Do you think it would have been possible to show your students some of the SOTU tweets? I see it as a potential tool to engage students by using something they are familiar with outside of school, and showing them how it can relate to history and current events.

    Like you said, history isn't just a bunch of dead guys--it's happening right now.


  2. Alyssa - I have used Twitter much more as a tool to help me collaborate with fellow teachers and less with my students. Personally, I have found other ways to reach my students and they there isn't really the traction with Twitter and students to make it worth my efforts. I do have several students who follow me on Twitter but I use it mostly for collaboration with peers.