Thursday, December 15, 2005

Studycast for Unit 4 - The American Revolution

Hello. Not a traditional podcast but I thought I would post my latest "studycast". For each unit I do an audio review of the important material on the upcoming test. We have our Unit 4 test coming up on Friday over the American Revolution. I have done a studycast for each of the first three unit tests but had not yet mentioned one for this unit and today several students in several different classes asked if I would record one tonight for them. It was great to hear that the students do use it as a resource and that they were actually wanting to listen to it as a study guide. I added a little background music to spice it up - just listening to me ramble on is rather dry - and am anxious to hear comments from my students. My students are always very interested in discovering what types of music their teachers listen to on their own time.

This is another example of me using the i-River MP3 player to create content for my students. I hope to allow for more student created content in the spring semester after Christmas.

Direct link to Mr. Langhorst's Unit 4 StudyCast - MP3 file (13 minutes, 16 seconds)

Let me know what you think and how you are using MP3 players in your classroom. E-mail me at

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this studycast with us, Eric! If you can believe it, our entire family actually enjoyed listening to it yesterday as we drove from Pagosa Springs, Colorado to the Wolf Creek ski area! We have been listening to David McCullough's book "1776" on audio CD during our trip also, so your comments and insights were very much in line with historical events and issues we have already been talking about. I posted some additional thoughts about this to my own blog. You are really modeling innovative and effective technology use through your studycasts, other podcasts and blog. Keep up the great work! Best wishes for a restful holiday and great 2006!