Monday, September 03, 2007

Podcast #116 - Invitation to Join Me as the 2007/2008 Missouri Teacher of the Year

Hello. Last Thursday I was extremely honored and humbled to be notified that I have been selected to be the Missouri Teacher of the Year for 2007/2008. Last spring I learned that I would represent Liberty Public Schools in the state competition as the district teacher of the year and I had an interview last week in Jefferson City as a state finalist. I don't think the huge responsibility of representing all the great teachers in Missouri has truly hit me yet and I'll learn much more about my responsibilities in the weeks to come but I'm looking forward to an exciting year. It will require me to miss some days in the classroom with speaking engagements but it will give me an opportunity to share some of the great things happening in classrooms throughout Missouri.

One thing I'm very excited about is the opportunity to discuss the potential of the web 2.0 classroom with a broader audience. Speaking at a technology conference is largely preaching to the choir but many of my presentations as teacher of the year will have a more mainstream audience and I can't wait to spread the potential of blogs, podcasts, wikis, etc. to a variety of people.

I encourage you to join me on this journey. I know that I will ask you for advice and ideas along the way. There will probably be an additional blog that will serve as a scrapbook of various events but I will continue to put all content on this blog in additional to any additional sites.

Podcast #116 Show Notes:


  1. Congratulations - from what I have seen a much deserved award. Enjoy the honor!

  2. Eric,

    Congratulations on a terrific achievement.

    I look forward to following your journey.

    Jim Beeghley

    PS: I'm about 1/2 way finished reading ManHunt. I should have read this long before now.

  3. Anonymous12:35 PM


    Congratulations...what a great accomplishment. The teachers of Missouri should be honored to have such a wonderful person representing them. I am looking forward to hearing/reading about your upcoming year.

    Brian Grenier

  4. Kudos Eric!!!

    I was very excited to hear about your award - congratulations. Best of luck on the national stage.

    Rick Hengsterman
    Ballston Spa HS
    Ballston Spa, NY

  5. Congratulations Eric. I can only speak of the influence you have had on me as an educator. If you want to see the proof, see the website I've developed for my classes based on the model you established.

  6. congratulations! you certainly deserve this recognition!

  7. Thanks to everyone for your comments. I'm excited about the opportunity to share two things for which I have great passion - teachnology and teaching history. I hope to have lots of stories and share them on the blog.

  8. Eric,

    Saw this and thought I would share: