Thursday, October 25, 2007

Technology Impacting a Special Day

Hello. Thanks to the many people who have left comments congratulating us on the birth of our second daughter - Scarlet.

Our oldest daughter was born 4 years ago - before I knew what a blog was or had any concept of a podcast. I didn't even own a digital camera when Addison was born but after going through dozens of rolls of film in the months that followed her birth I did buy my first digital camera. Since I have always loved to take pictures, the digital camera purchase is what my wife often calls "the best buy we've ever made".

Today with the birth of Scarlet, technology is an even more transparent part of our lives. Our hospital room has wireless Internet in the room, with a faster connection than I get at most hotels by the way, so I was able to send out an e-mail telling hundreds of family and friends in minutes about our new addition. I also took the digital photos from the night she was born, uploaded them to Walgreens and in a half an hour had relatives in Texas, Wyoming and Nebraska holding photographs of the new baby they could take with them to work to show off their new granddaughter or great granddaughter.

I know this technology has been readily available for years but it really hit me this week with the birth of our new baby. I also wonder how technology will impact her life, her education and her lifestyle. And if she isn't allowed to use these advancements in technology in the classroom - why not?


  1. Congratulations, Eric! She is truly a fortunate little girl to be born to such a wonderful, loving family. Best wishes to your wife.

    Now... go get some sleep - you'll be needing it! :-)

  2. Eric-
    First of all, congratulations! A beautiful baby girl with a very adorable name.

    I am a third year US History teacher and my wife and I just had twin girls this summer. I am leading the charge in technology in the classroom at my school, but I am struggling to find the time to update blogs, record studycasts, grade papers, etc. Can you send a moment on advice for how to manage being a

    1) fantastic father and
    2) a great teacher (possibly good enough for teacher of the year?)

    Matt Marshall
    Anaheim, CA