Thursday, January 31, 2008

Report from Day Three of the National Teacher of the Year Conference in Dallas

Hello. Today we had a great day discussing national education issues. We have an incredible group of over 50 teachers with great passion and a love for teaching. As we get to know each other we find great diversity but many shared ideas as well. After a great morning and afternoon of discussion we were treated to a special dinner at the Dallas World Aquarium - Mundo Maya. As we walked in the door and entered the rainforest we were greated by several Aztec warriors. The meal was amazing with great discussion. This week has been a truly amazing experience and we are making connections and friends that will last for years. I've added a few pictures from the evening below. I'll blog later about some of the topics of discussion from today. Right now my head is swimming with ideas and thoughts.

Greeted at the door of the Dallas World Aquarium.

Enjoying dinner with Mary Beth Blegen - 1996 National Teacher of the Year.

Montana Teacher of the Year Steve Gardiner, myself and Minnesota Teacher of the Year Michael Smart


  1. If you bump into the Massachusetts Teacher of the Year (Mike Flynn), tell him Kevin H. says hello.
    (We work together)
    I have been interested in following your blog posts -- knowing that Mike is there somewhere.

  2. Kevin - Hello. I will tell Mike hello this morning at breakfast from you. Thanks for following the blog. I'll try to get a picture with Mike up on the blog.