Thursday, September 11, 2008

Always Remember....

Always remember. It struck me today when I was taking attendance in my 8th grade American history classroom and realized that the students in my room were only in the first grade when this day changed our country forever. It is our duty to remember, we owe them this at the very least.


  1. I think this is an interesting topic. We no longer "Remember the Alamo, Remember the Maine, or Remember Pearl Harbor". How long before society forgets to "Remember 9/11"? Is there any way to judge historically how long this remembrance will last? Will it last longer because of our digital age, or is it destined for a shorter life span? You are much more informed about history than me, and I would love to get your opinion.

  2. Anonymous12:38 AM

    I remember that day in my 5th grade classroom like it was yesterday. We were instructed not to tell the children until the end of the day right before they were dismissed. That made for a very long day, but gave all the teachers time to think about what had happened and to be able to convey the message to the children so that they were not afraid. I will never forget that day.