Sunday, October 12, 2008

Podcast #158 - Visiting Ellis Island

Above - Grandpa's name on the wall at Ellis Island
Above - Great Hall in 1924 - same year my grandfather came through Ellis Island

Above - Great Hall as it appears today in 2008

Above - Sitting on the original benches in the Great Hall

Above - Statue of Liberty framed by a door in the Great Hall

Above - My first view of the Statue of Liberty

Hello. A couple of weeks ago while attending a national teacher of the year workshop in New York City I was able to visit a location that I knew I needed to visit at some point in my life - Ellis Island. My grandfather, Henry C Langhorst, immigrated to America in 1924 as a 26 year old German who knew no English and came through Ellis Island. I spent about 5 hours soaking in the history at Ellis Island on September 30th and recall the experience in my podcast. It was an emotional experience for me and I was moved to tears on several occasions that day. I have also included some pictures and a video from my Flip video recorder.

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