Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Podcast #162 - Create A Word Cloud of the Constitution Using Wordle

Hello. Today's podcast is a quick one about using the application Wordle in your social studies class. Wordle is a web based application which allows you to create a word cloud from a sample of text. You can manipulate the colors, shape, font, etc. to make a really cool visual represenation of text.

Since we are studying the United States Constitution right now in class I create two "Wordles" composed of the text of the Constitution. I think they look pretty cool and my 8th graders thought they were awesome. Listen to the podcast to learn a little more about using Wordle in your social studies classroom.


  1. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Hi Eric, I'm going to use your Wordle podcast as an example during a podcasting workshop in Michigan. I love Wordle!

  2. Pam - Thanks. They are really cool. I even framed one of my Constitution wordles and have it in my room!


  3. Hi Eric,

    That's such a terrific idea to put in historical documents. I played around with Wordle a few months ago but really only thought of having students put in their papers as a way to analyze their vocabulary. I ran my blog through and was a little embarrassed at the lack there of.

    Love the Historic documents idea though and that you framed it for your wall. I'm just running the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Canada) through right now and will post the results.