Monday, May 11, 2009

Live Video Feed of Shuttle Launch

Hello. I am constantly blown away by the ability for us as teachers to connect to the rest of the world via video. Today I'm sitting in my classroom in Liberty, Missouri working on some random projects and on my computer in the background I'm watching a live video feed from UStream and NASA. If you are reading his on May 11, 2009 go and check out the link below to watch the launch live. I just watched them strap in the astronauts prior to lift off.

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  1. I love the NASA feed! I'm always amazed with our ability to watch live launches, follow live spacewalks and watch astronauts in the international space station. My teenage kids . . . not so much.

    Though they enjoy the science of the whole thing, it's just a normal thing. For me growing up on Apollo missions, this is still so cool.