Thursday, June 04, 2009

Update to Buffalo Chip Cookout Podcast

We had an interested comment posted on Podcast #192 - Making Smores Over a Buffalo Chip Campfire from Peter Findler and wanted to share it with everyone. Thanks Peter for the comment and photo!
Photo by Peter Findler

Nice idea, I'm sure you were able to get your student's attention and imagination going with this one!

I recently visited a relative living in Armenia. It turns out that a similar practice is used in this part of the world as well (and in other places I'm sure). I ate lunch with a family in a small village north of the capital city, and while I was there I noticed brown blocks lining the wall in the backyard. I asked what they were, and sure enough they were blocks of cow dung, cut and dried for heating the home next winter. The family said that about 3-4 blocks will heat the home for hours, and doesn't smell as bad as one would think.

When I heard the podcast for this post I was reminded of this, and thought some might be interested in hearing it. Keep up the good work!

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  1. Yes, indeed in the southern part of Eurasia using this type of fuel. Even in southern Russia, some farmers are using this type of fuel to the fire.