Sunday, July 26, 2009

Podcast #194 - Tips and Suggestions for Walking Boston's Historic Freedom Trail

Hello. Today I did something that I've always wanted to do as an 8th grade teacher who starts off each school year by teaching the American Revolution - walk Boston's historic Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail is a walking tour in Boston which covers roughly 23 historic locations over the distance of around 3.5 miles. I walked the length of the trail today and then doubled back to walk much of it again. I had a great time, learned a lot, took a ton of pictures and got my exercise by walking about 6 miles - what a day.

Instead of doing a site by site review of the trail, (there are plenty of places you can go online to learn about each location, like this one) I decide to offer a few tips and suggestions from my experience today.

I have included some pictures with this blog entry but have posted even more pictures as a set on Flickr here. Please feel free to use any of these photos in your class when you teach the Revolutionary War. Also, if you have any tips or suggestions for walking the Freedom Trail please share them here so that everyone can benefit from it.


  1. Do not miss Revere's House, the Old State House, the Boston Massacre star is in the wroong place by the way, the real location is in front of the bank some yards away. The gift shop at the Old South Meeting House has wonderful pamphlets with historic speeches that you just can't miss, educator's discount at the State House gift shop since it is part of the National Park system. By the way, if you have the chance, walk parts more than once. The Granary Burial Ground, well don't miss any of the cemeteries including the one by the North Chapel (the lanterns), every one has somebody notable from William Dawes to Increase Mather to James Otic, Samual Adams, etc. Great fun. I found it helpful to read a well chosen book while staying in a historic location, for Boston, Esther Forbrs, Paul Revere and the times that he lived in, would be it. Great read.

  2. David - Thanks so much for the additional tips and suggestions. I didn't buy too much there but wish I would have used the teacher discount at the State House!

    I would also encourage everyone to read your blog, "Tides of History" where you do an amazing job of discussing historical topics.



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  4. Anonymous7:22 PM

    My Seniors LOVED Boston! We arrived in Boston @ 3pm after being up since 10 pm the night before and our first journey was on the Freedom Trail. We only walked about 1/2 on day one, but Boston and that trail is what is still talked about today, nearly 4 months after the trip! We toured Boston, NYC, Philly and DC, and Boston is the one that lives on in them the most. I can't wait to get back to explore for myself.

  5. Hi Eric,
    I wish you'd told us you were coming to Boston! -- We would've loved to let you in to the American Experience lair at WGBH. There's always next time.

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