Thursday, August 27, 2009

Podcast #196 - Visual Timeline Activity to Start the Year

Hello. Today I would like to describe an activity that I recently did with my 8th grade American history class and I think is a fun way to start off the school year. This past summer I attended a session at the Project Zero Classroom workshop at Harvard with Mary McFarland - a former NCSS President. She described some routines to use with students in terms of visual time lines. I really liked the idea and decided it would be a great way introduce the curriculum to my students the first full week of school.

The podcast gives an overview of the project and some tips if you would like to replicate this activity in your own classroom. I have also included the PowerPoint presentations (links below) I used to create my visuals for the activity - please use and modify to your needs. If you have any suggestions or ideas about activity please share them by posting a comment to this blog post. Thanks.


  1. Neat activity, you could put the correct decade on the sheets (Ex 1770-1780).

  2. Where did you get those pictures from? I teach U.S History II and would love to continue the time line right where you left off!

  3. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Thanks so much! This is perfect for an end of the year review or preview activity!