Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Podcast #204 - The History Geeks Book Club

Hello. One of the ways we engage our students in history outside of the classroom is the History Geeks Book Club at South Valley Jr. High School. In this podcast I discuss the History Geeks Book Club - the books we are currently reading, how the book club is created, etc.

If you have any suggestions for books that we might consider in the future please leave a comment on this blog. Thanks.

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  1. What a terrific idea (especially the hot chocolate!)—a great way to encourage reading while simultaneously teaching content! Bravo!

    I love "George Washington, Spymaster" and "Fever 1793"; though I've not yet read "Guns for General Washington."

    As for recommendations...
    You may consider any of Jim Murphy books (like The American Plague" to follow "Fever 1793"), though these tend to be heavier on content and lower on readability. Also, if you can reach over into adult literature, David Laskin's "The Children's Blizzard" and anything by Erik Larson. I loved "Devil in the White City" (Chicago at the turn of the 18th century), "Thunderstruck" (the story of the Marconi radio—focus is cross-Atlantic, not just U.S. history), and "Isaac's Storm" (1900s hurricane in Galveston, Texas).

    Now, for the children's books I would recommend (note that these are all on the lower-end of the intermediate level in terms of reading level):

    Native Americans: "The Sign of the Beaver"

    American Revolution: "Bushnell's Submarine," "Johnny Tremain," "My Brother Sam is Dead"

    Slavery: "Elijah of Buxton"

    Civil War: "Rifles for Watie," "Silent Thunder: A Civil War Story," "My Last Skirt: The Story of Jennie Hodges, Union Soldier"

    Westward Migration: "Balloon Boy of San Francisco," "Sally Fox," "Patty Reed's Doll," "The Captain's Dog" (you mentioned this one in your podcast), the Little House series, "Sarah, Plain and Tall"

    Great Migration: Any of the Interactive History Adventure (You Choose) books,

    1930s: "Bud, Not Buddy," "Out of the Dust"

    WWII: "On the Wings of Heroes"

    Post-WWII: "Esperanza's Rising"

    I have collections of books lists relating to these and additional eras available at:
    The lists were developed for teachers of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders so focus on picture books more than chapter books.

    Above all, congratulations on starting your doctorate!