Friday, February 05, 2010

Walden University Video - Using Technology to Expand the Classroom

Hello. I'm currently working on my doctorate degree in Teacher Leadership from Walden University. I have completed one year of the program to date and have two more before I'm finished. Last summer while attending a residency for my program in Minnesota I was asked to sit down and talk a little about my classroom and my experiences as a Walden student. Below is one of these videos. In this segment I discuss some of the ways that I have incorporated technology into the classroom.


  1. Great video...thanks. I'm curious, would you want to talk to my department chairs one day at a meeting we'll have? I think it would be a great way for them to participate in the type of thing you're talking about. I'm at

  2. Mr. Langhorst,

    I loved that you said that you do not want your class to just exist just during class time. I really want to be one of the teachers that interests their students in what they are learning. I want learning to be fun for them. If I take what you have talked about, I sure that I can succeed. Thank you so much!

  3. Dr. Langhorst,
    I am not a teacher yet, but I like that you do an in-class review, and not only is it in-class, but on itunes, and on podcast. This makes it so much easier for students if they have missed that day of class, or need extra study time at home. I thoroughly enjoyed this video thanks for sharing.