Thursday, November 11, 2010

MSTA 2010 - Improving Parent Communication

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  1. Eric -

    One thing I have done, and you mention so I'm sure you do it as well, is that I attach the article of the week to my Monday morning email and encourage discussion at home. A weekly email, with important links or attachments, has saved me a lot of time dealing with parents who are "out of the loop", and the positive feedback has been tremendous.

  2. My gosh, those are a lot of really good ideas for ways to include parents in the classroom! And thanks again for the helpful links! These are definitely some ideas I will have to incorporate into my classroom once I have one.

  3. Hi, I’m a student at University of South Alabama in EDM310 and I’ve been reading your blog. I will soon be a new teacher and this presentation was very helpful for me. The presentation gave me a lot of insight on what needs to be done to effectively communicate with parents. It was very informational and I will defiantly use some of the tips in my classroom. Great post!

  4. I thought the way you emailed a class schedule to your teacher aides, students, and parents, was a really great idea. I think it helps keep everyone on the same page and eliminate confusion. I think it's also really helpfull to parents who like to plan out their childrens weekly activities like homework, tests, sports, family events, and any other after school activities.

    I also liked that you keep the lines for communication open for parents. That makes it much easier for them to try and contact you, compared to trying to schedule a parent teacher conference.

    I also thought it was a fantastic idea to allow parents the opportunity to add to the classroom! Nothing is better than a parent coming in to show how their job or life incorporates what the children are learning at the time. Not only does it make them more willing to learn because they think, "Oh! I will use this in real life," but also many children are more interested in learning when the lesson incorporates variety.

    My name is AnnMerritt Taylor and I am a Junior at the University of South Alabama. I am majoring in Secondary Education English/ Language Arts and learning more about blogging and comenting in my edm310 microcomputing class. You can contact me anytime through My Class Blog or Twitter

  5. Your ideas about parent involvement in the classroom were great! I believe it is really important to include parents in the classroom, and I think students benefit from it tremendously. I will definitely use these techniques in my own classroom!

  6. A bit difficult when teaching at a private school where the parents are also on the Board of Directors and expect you to write their kids' research reports for them.