Thursday, October 17, 2013

As Seen on Twitter This Week - October 17, 2013

This a copy of the weekly e-mail that I share with my peers.  It is a way for me to pass along the great things that I see each week on social media.  

As Seen On Twitter This Week – October 17, 2013

Last week was a little crazy with conferences so I didn’t send out my weekly Thursday “As Seen on Twitter This Week” e-mail.  I added a few more links this week to make up for it.

If you only read a couple I would recommend the first two links – social media impacting the writing of our students and why girls are not pursuing college computer degrees.

I also wrote a couple of blog posts this week that might be of interest:

Does McDonald’s Have A Better Learning Space Than Your Classroom?

The Government Shut Down – Graphs to Use For Writing Prompt



The Dumbest Generation? No, Twitter is Making Our Kids Smarter
- how is the use of social media by our students impacting their writing

Why Are Girls Not Pursuing College Computer Degrees
- I have been reading a lot about this topic as the father of two girls

Study: U.S. Education Tops Spending List
- one of the facts that caught my eye was that between 2000-2011 teacher salaries for U.S. teachers increased 3%, in other countries increased 17=20%

Making the Most of a Small Space
- ideas on organizing your classroom to make the most of the space

Howard Gardner “Multiple Intelligences” are not ‘Learning Styles’
- some great comments from Mr. Gardner himself on M.I.

How Big Is A House in Different Countries
- interesting comparison of how much space we really need from a global perspective

The Unofficial Guide to Educational Twitter Hashtags

- the use of hashtags is one of the most important skills to getting the most out of Twitter

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