Thursday, April 17, 2014

Video Tutorial - Annotating an Image in Google Drive

Hello.  Today I wanted to share a tool that I haven't seen discussed too much but I think could be a very valuable tool for teachers in a variety of subjects and grade levels - annotating images in Google Drive.

I created a short (6 minute) video demonstrating how you can annotate images in Google Drive.

This would be a cool way to have your students leave comments about an picture or image.  Here are some ideas:
  • ·         Label a math problem
  • ·         Describe areas on a historic map
  • ·         Describe the parts of a cell on a diagram
  • ·         Analyze parts of a famous work of art

I think this could be used in any subject area and is easy to use.  As the teacher you can comment on their remarks and you could create small groups to work on a single image.  

If you can think of a great way that this would help you in the classroom please share with a comment to this post.



  1. Chris B.3:04 PM

    Just found your blog and think its excellent. You have fresh ideas! I have been toying with the idea of a flipped classroom (in parts) and this is perfect for analysis of primary sources! Thanks for the idea and keep up the good work!
    -Chris, 7th Grade History teacher, VA

  2. Wow! This video was very informative. I did not realize you could do something like that to an image until now. Thank you!