Monday, June 09, 2014

Field Trip : 1102 Grand in Kansas City

This summer the Liberty School District has created some interesting professional development opportunities for it's teachers - getting out and talking to businesses about what they do and what we can do as educators to help prepare our students for that future workplace.  Colleen Jones - the district department chair in College, Career and Community Partnership - this summer has organized several field trips to Kansas City area businesses and all we as teacher need to do it sign up and go.  Colleen has already taken the time to set these days and times for use to connect. This summer some of the scheduled 1102 Grand, Cerner, Holland 1916 and Burns & MacDonnell.

Today I participated in the discussion with 1102 Grand with four other teachers from Liberty Public Schools.  It was a great experience.  1102 Grand is a carrier hotel in downtown Kansas City - basically a 26 story building full of servers, fiber and connections.  We visited with Greg Elliot - Director of Business Development and Alexis Smith - Business Development Associate of 1102 Grand about not only what they do but what types of skills they are looking for in employees.  They also gave us a tour of their facility. As a geek I was fascinated by the way in which the servers were organized, the type of cooling system they use, what they do in terms of fire protection and the huge generators which stand by in case of a power failure.

Summer is great time for teachers to connect with area businesses.  Ask to tour their business and give them a chance to tell you what skills they are hoping you help cultivate in your students.  

Thanks to 1102 Grand for their hospitality today and a look behind the curtain of what makes the web and the cloud work.

You can follow 1102 Grand on Twitter at @1102Grand

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