Monday, October 27, 2014

MOREnet 2014 Google Tools to Make Geography More Exciting Resources

Today I am attending and presenting at the 2014 MOREnet Conference in Columbia, Missouri.

My session today is describing the many applications and uses of Google Geo Tools with your students.

Here is a link to the resources from my session : Google Tools to Make Geography Exciting Presentation Resources


  1. Mr. Langhorst, Thank You for posting the resources that you used during the MOREnet conference on Google Geo Tools. I am a Master's student at the University of Michigan on the road to becoming a history teacher and my mentor teacher and I are trying to find ways to keep the geography portion of World History fresh for our students. We have had them create maps on numerous occasions but this doesn't seem to hold their interest. Tools like Google Time Lapse could be very useful in helping students understand how the landscape has changed over time. Couple that with google street view and students are able to see change from multiple scales. A classmate of mine recently introduced me to Google Cultural Institute. I was wondering if you have any experience working with that particular tool?

  2. Mr. Langhorst, I really enjoyed reading through your presentation on using Google Tools to make Geography exciting. My name is Paul Sandy and I'm a master's student in Education at the University of Michigan. I'm planning to become a history/social studies teacher at the middle/high school level, and I have a large interest in geography. I'm just starting out as a student teacher in a ninth grader world history classroom, and we had students use google maps in order to create maps of their home in different scales. Students seemed to really engage in this task, and it made me wonder about using more google map resources in order to teach geography.

    Your presentation alerted me to some very interesting features of google geo tools; for instance, I think your yearlong google map is so awesome! Students can help participate in an interactive map-making experience, and it allows you to show students the merging of history and geography. Also, the historical street view could provide some very interesting lessons.

    Overall, I just want to say thank you for introducing me to some very useful tips on how to better utilize google geo tools. I will bookmark this page for next semester when I start teaching classes full time!