Saturday, January 28, 2006

Podcast #12 - Interview With State Representative Tim Flook

This episode of Speaking of History is an interview with Tim Flook - the Representative from Missouri in the House of Representatives in Jefferson City. In the interview I ask questions about state government from the perspective of an 8th grade student. Tim discusses his experiences as an 8th grader in Liberty, the day he saw Ronald Reagan in person as an 8th grader and he began to develop an interest in politics, his committee assignments and the aspects of being a state representative that he enjoys the most and the least. Thanks to Tim for taking the time to visit with me. I hope to secure a similar interview with the mayor of Liberty later this spring. I think this type of podcast has great potential and I would like to have the students produce the show and do the interview in the future. Check out the show notes for some additional information.

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Direct link to Speaking of History Episode #12 - An Interview with State Representative Tim Flook - MP3 file (14 minutes)

Show Notes:

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