Sunday, February 05, 2006

Speaking of History Podcast Coffee Mugs Now Available

I doubt many of you have been saying to yourself, "What I really need is a "Speaking of History Podcast" coffee mug, but just in case you have - here is your chance. Check out the online store at

I have always been curious about the availablity of items with a custon logo through the Internet so I checked out CafePress and set up an account. I designed a logo for the podcast and within minutes had my store up and running with items that bear the show logo. You can purchase coffee mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads, magnets and a tile coaster with the logo. The store gives the storekeeper the option of charging more than the base price but I did not mark up any of the prices. I figure if you are willing to purchase an item to promote the show the least I can do is give it to you for the lowest possible price. The main reason I wanted to create some products with the show logo are to give away some items to friends and family as well as have a couple of items to give away at upcoming workshops where I am presenting information on my podcast. I also thought it might be cool to drink my morning coffee in an official Speaking of History Podcast mug.

Let me know what you think of the logo by dropping me an e-mail at I'm working on the rought drafts of a couple new shows and hope to have a couple of new episodes posted this week. Thanks.

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