Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Podcast #15 - Example of a StudyCast for American History

Hello. Podcast #15 is an example of how I am using MP3 files as "StudyCasts" for my students. I have created a studycast for each of my unit tests so far this year and I have found them to be a huge success. At first I wasn't really sure how many students were listening to them but I am now convinced that this is an effective means of delivering content to them to help them review for a test. I have some data from an informal survey of my students on studycasts and MP3 players that I will use in an upcoming show. I have found that just me talking for 10-15 minutes is not the most exciting thing to listen to so I have added some background music to make it a little more interesting. The music I used in this studycast is from Faze and entitled "Mad Flava" from the Podsafe Music Network. Links are included on the shownotes. Let me know that you think by e-mailing me at I would be interesting in learning about any other teachers using MP3 files as a way to review for tests and how it has worked with their students.

Direct link to Speaking of History Podcast #15 - Example of a StudyCast for American History - MP3 Format (10 minutes)

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