Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Podcast #71 - A Great Day at METC 2007 in St Louis

Hello. It was a great first day at the 2007 METC (Midwest Educational Technology Conference) in St. Louis. It is my first visit to a METC conference and I'm impressed. I heard a great presentation on Google Earth from Cindy Lane, Middle School Podcasting from Randy Gindler and Podcasting and Blogging by Steve Dembo. I also gave a presentation "Teaching History Using 21st Century Technology" - in the afternoon. I think the presentation went well - presentation notes can be found in the previous blog post. Many of the sessions were full with lots of great questions and sharing taking place.

I also had the pleasure of enjoying dinner with Wes Fryer of the "Moving at the Speed of Creativity" podcast and David Warlick of the "2 Cents Worth" podcast - two of the educational podcasters and bloggers that I respect the most. They were two of the first podcasters I started to download to my i-River MP3 player and listened to in my car and as I mowed my lawn. It was an enjoyable evening of talking about family, education and technology. Tomorrow will be another great day of discovering how we can use these new tools in our classroom.

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Direct link to Podcast #71 - A Great Day at METC 2007 in St Louis - MP3 Format - 10:00 minutes

Show Notes for Podcast #71:

- METC 2007 site

- David Warlick blog post about the "Teaching History with 21st Century Technology"

- Wes Fryer blog post about the "Teaching History with 21st Century Technology"


  1. Eric,

    I just saw that you are presenting at NECC. I added your session to my planner and look forward to meeting you.

    Teaching the Civil War with Technology

  2. Jim

    Thanks for posting the comment. I will be checking out your site on technology and the Civil War. I look forward to seeing you at NECC this summer.


  3. Anonymous9:18 PM


    It was great to meet you at the METC and yes I did remembe you introducing yourself :) What a tremendous experience at a truely great conference that was focused on the "why". I am looking forward to following your blog and podcasts. I have already referred one of my teachers to your site to get ideas for their classes, and I will be presenting to the entire social studies department using your site and some of the positive experiences you have had wth integrating technology for true authentic learning.

    Scott Weidig