Saturday, July 28, 2007

Podcast #112 - News Station Feature on Studycasts

Hello. This past June a local news station ran a story about students using i-Pods to cheat. I told them about how MP3 players are also being used in classrooms to help students. They did a quick story on our use of studycasts in the 8th grade American history classroom. A studycast is an audio review for an upcoming test that I record and then post on the Internet for students to listen to at home or with their own personal MP3 players.
The podcast today is the audio from the news story. There is also a shorter online text version of the news story here.

Don’t forget to sign up for the July 2007 book giveaway. I’m giving away copies of two books – Manhunt by James Swanson and Guerrilla Season by Pat Hughes. See Speaking of History Podcast #100 for more details. Just send me your name and the city in which you live before August 1, 2007. The first week of August my three year old daughter will draw two names and I will send them each the book they won.

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