Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Podcast #113 - Bits and Bytes for July 2007 - Reality TV, Standing in Line for 2 Hours for $50 and Books I'm Reading

Hello. I enjoy having a podcast and I often see things or encounter things that have enough material that I can do an entire podcast about it. Many times though I come across something interesting or cool that simply isn't enough for a podcast. This month I'm starting a monthly podcast named "Bits and Bytes". These podcasts will be a variety of ideas or experiences in no particular order and some might not even have much of a tie to education, technology or history.

Please feel free to leave a comment to this blog if you have any addition information or thoughts. You can also email me at speakingofhistory@gmail.com

Show Notes and Links:

Reality show addiction - Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers

Hotel Wireless - Super 8 rates 5 Stars!

Circuit City Grand Opening - Is 2 hours of standing in line worth $50 to you?

Zune - Potential for a classroom MP3 device. Do you have a Zune story?

Ratatouille - Good family movie - my 3 year old gives it two thumbs up

Kansas City Royals - Enjoying some lazy days at the ol' ballpark

The War - Sign up for e-mail notifications about the Fall 2007 PBS special, watch video previews, listen to an interview with Ken Burns

Books that I'm currently reading:

Speaking of History 2 Year Anniversary Book Give Away - just a couple more days until I give away 2 books to listeners

Don’t forget to sign up for the July 2007 book giveaway. I’m giving away copies of two books – Manhunt by James Swanson and Guerrilla Season by Pat Hughes. See Speaking of History Podcast #100 for more details. Just send me your name and the city in which you live before August 1, 2007. The first week of August my three year old daughter will draw two names and I will send them each the book they won.


  1. Hi Eric
    A bit of fun before school resumes... I'm tagging you for "8 random things" meme....

  2. hi Eric,
    i, too, would like to tag your blog :-)
    i'm sure this doesn't mean you are obliged to participate twice, though :-)