Friday, June 20, 2008

Podcast #147 - Visit to Scottsbluff National Monument and the Oregon Trail

Hello. Today is a special podcast that I made with my 4 year old daughter while in western Nebraska last week for a family wedding. As settlers on the Oregon Trail traveled west they saw little but endless and flat prairie as they walked along the Platte River. Imagine their reaction as they came to what is now western Nebraska and they saw large bluffs and interesting rock formations such as Chimney Rock. One of the most impressive of these geographical features was Scottsbluff.
Today the rock formation is the site of Scottsbluff National Monument. You can visit the visitor center at the base of the monument, see replicas of the wagons and handcarts used on the trail and then trail your vehicle to the top of the monument for a beautiful view of the plains below - including the Oregon Trail.

I have included pictures from the monument, visitors center and the view from the top. The podcast features comments by myself and my daughter about our visit. You can e-mail us comments about the podcast at or post a comment to this blog post.

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