Saturday, June 28, 2008

My 2008 NECC Presentations in San Antonio - eLECTIONS and Zune

Hello. This week I'll be in San Antonio for NECC 2008 and will be giving two presentations.

Monday - June 30th - 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM
Grand Hyatt - Crockett A/B
"eLECTIONS - Your Adventure in Politics - A Free, Online Learning Game"

I will be presenting this session with Frank Gallagher of Cable in the Classroom. We will be demonstrating the updated version of the online presidential election game - eLECTIONS - and discussing it's use in the classroom. It is a free online game that has recently been updated for the 2008 election.

Tuesday - July 1 - 10:30 AM to 11:00 AM
Microsoft Booth on the Exhibition Floor
"The Zune in My Classroom"

I will be discussing the recently completed pilot in which 25 of my 8th grade students were given a 4GB Zune to use in class. I was able to give each of my Zune students copies of the notes, audio studycasts and videos via the Zune. I will be discussing how I "beamed" the notes to them using the Zune wireless feature, quickly downloaded video content using the guest feature on the Zune Social and a USB.

If you are a regular reader of the blog or a regular listener of the podcast please feel free to come to a session and say hello. I will also be podcasting and blogging from San Antonio. Hope to see some of you at NECC.


  1. Anonymous4:54 AM

    Tried to listen to one podcast and had to give up after 5 minutes, the only words that were mentioned were "teacher of the year, meet the president, whitehouse, oval office", and these were all repeated, time after time.

    You realy need to think of content and interest.

  2. In response to "anonymous" :

    Thanks for the comment. From your remarks it would appear that you listened the podcast I recorded on the day I met the president at the White House and then did a podcast about it to share the experience with my students - who listened to it the next day in class. It was an unusual experience and isn't typical of most of my podcasts.

    My podcast currently contains almost 150 epiosdes from the past 3 years which include a vareity of topics.

    Thanks for listening.


  3. Eric,

    Wanted to say that it was great to meet you at NECC. I enjoyed your presentation on eLections. I look forward to meeting you again and reading your blog.

    Teaching the Civil War with Technology Blog

  4. Jim - Thanks. I also enjoyed meeting you in San Antonio and finally put a "face with the blog". I hope our paths cross again soon and continue the great work you do on your blog!