Friday, July 04, 2008

Podcast #149 - A Visit To The Alamo

Hello. Today's podcast is a reflection on my visit to the Alamo while attending NECC 2008 in San Antonio. Not meant as a visitor's guide, but rather just some general thoughts on some displays and my experience. As an 8th grade American history teacher I have taught the Battle of the Alamo for almost 15 years and it was great to see it in person. I have also found teaching an event is much more powerful once you have physically visited the original location.

I have included some pictures of the Alamo that I took on this trip. I dropped by once in the morning at around 7:00 AM, did a tour at 9:00 AM and then took some pictures one night at around 10:00 PM after a nice dinner on the Riverwalk.

Direct link to Speaking of History #149 - A Visit to the Alamo - MP3 Audio File - 10:20 Minutes

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