Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lightning on the Plains of Nebraska

Last night, as we were driving through south central Nebraska on the way to a wedding, we found ourselves in the middle of a large thunderstorm cell working it's way east along Interstate 80. We pulled off the interstate and took refuge in a Subway just north of Henderson, Nebraska. We hung out for about 30 minutes and once the storm had passed we continued on our journey. As we reloaded the car we were treated to an incredible lightning display from the storm that had just passed over us. I took some video of the lightning with my Blackberry and have posted it above. I can't remember seeing a lightning display that was as constant as this one.


  1. Anonymous3:36 PM

    That video brought me back home. I am a Nebraska native and I can remember so many summer nights watching a sky just like that.

    I was that Nebraska sky that intrigued my grandfather, OH Gish. He became (in his day) one of the greatest scientists on atmospheric electricity. (little personal history there)

    I am also a Technology teacher and 8th grade History teacher - Love your blog and ideas. I will be keeping a watch as you show me how to guide my school into the web 2.0 world without them all kicking and screaming. Thanks.

  2. Mrs. Brown

    Thanks for the comment. My wife thought it was really geeky of me to take the video but it was so cool to watch. I could have stood there for an hour just watching it. It might have just been in my head but it did feel like the hair on my hand was standing up as I took the video.