Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Podcast #156 - Review of the Flip Video Camera as a Tool for Teachers

Hello. Today's podcast is a quick carcast recorded as I drove across Nebraska on a recent family vacation. It is a short review of the Flip video camera - which I think would be a great purchase for any teacher. If you have used a Flip in your classroom please leave a comment to this post and share your ideas. In the podcast I mention it would be a great tool for administrators as well.


  1. I picked up a Creative Vado which is similar to the Flip except less expensive. I am using it in my class to record what we are doing as opposed to writing about it. This allows my students to be more involved in the blog, and I think it makes the blog more interesting.

    I am also using it to record things to put on a blog I share with my eldest daughter that just went off to college. My hope is that we can share what is going on better with each other. (We also purchased a Vado for her, but don't say anything, we haven't given it to her yet.)

  2. Nice review. I recently got a Flip Mino and I am having a lot of fun with it. I plan on using it in the classroom to capture the kids at work. I'm sure the kids will use it as well for various projects.

    I carry my Flip with me. I try to tape interesting things that I think my students may be able to incorporate into future projects. For example, I recently found myself watching planes take off while I waited for the Toys r Us to open in Elizabeth, NJ. I was able to quickly and easily film the take offs.

    I'm looking forward to playing with the Flip this year in school!

    P.S. There is a limited zoom function on the Flip Mino.

  3. I just started playing around with my flip video camera and am excited about the possibilities for classroom use. It's very easy to use (for me and the students) and takes high quality videos. The only issue I'm having is that it only allows you to upload the video to YouTube, AOL Video, and MySpace - all of which are blocked at my school. For now I'm emailing the link to myself and hyperlinking it in my blog post. Here's my first attempt - http://jmundorf.edublogs.org/2008/08/28/video-test/.

    I'll keep you posted as I use flip video in my classroom. Thanks! Jon Mundorf, Marco Island, FL - jmundorf.edublogs.org

  4. Our school is using the RCA Small Wonder version. The quality is great and price is great. Our teachers really like them as do the kids. They are very easy to use and the video can be edited with Movie Maker.