Thursday, October 15, 2009

Presentation at Wright City School District in Missouri

Friday I'm spending some time with the staff at Wright City, Missouri to discuss the use of technology in the classroom. I'm providing a morning session on podcasting and editing audio, at lunch I'm giving a short presentation entitled "Does Technology Really Make You A Better Teacher?" and in the afternoon my session is on the power of collaboration and a variety of web 2.0 tools which can help teachers in the classroom. I'm excited and looking forward to a great day of discussing and sharing ideas about technology in the classroom.


  1. John Warner1:06 AM

    I found your blog while using Google to find resources for using technology in the history classroom. I have been preparing my November lesson plans and wanting them to understand the impact the JFK assassination had on the country. I am going to be using a radio documentary that came highly recommended to me by a teacher friend across the country. I plan to spend 30 minutes on November 20th (the 22nd is a Sunday) having my students listen to this documentary by Mike Swickey, simply called, "The Assassination of President Kennedy: A Radio Documentary." I have downloaded and listened to it and was very impressed. The fact that it's audio makes it different than other materials I normally use. It can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. I am having trouble including the URL for you, but just go to and put in "JFK" and "Swickey" and it will take you to the download.

    I can't tell you how impressed I am with your blog. I am excited to find a history teacher blogging about teaching and your understanding of the importance of all kinds of technology and rich media. I makes history come ALIVE for students.

    I'm SO GLAD that I found you. I have subscribed to your RSS feed and look forward to reading Speaking Of History!

  2. John - Thanks for the comment. You also might want to use Google Maps and Google Earth to help teach the JFK assassination since location and geography are such important connections to the hisotrical context.

    Here is a link to a Google Earth file which when opened in Google Earth will show all the landmarks connected with the JFK assassination.

    Thanks for your kind words and enjoy the blog and podcast.