Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Podcast #21 - Interview with RJ Cutler from the Shays' Rebellion Episode of 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America

Hello. A couple of weeks ago I interviewed Bill Plympton, the illustrator for the History Channel episode on Shays' Rebellion - part of the 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America series. Today I interviewed RJ Cutler, the director of the episode. Mr. Cutler is an accomplished producer and director. His body of work has earned him an Emmy and a Peadbody award along with an Oscar nomination. You may recognize some of his work on The War Room, American High, the FX series 30 Days, the Discovery Home network's Flip That House and the recently aired Black/White on FX.

The interview includes details on how the Shays' Rebellion episode came about, the differences in doing an animated documentary, the research process and advice for 8th graders who want to enter the film industry.

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Direct Link to Speaking of History Podcast #21 "Interview with RJ Cutler from the Shays' Rebellion Episode of 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America" - MP3 Format - (21 Minutes)

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  1. Great interview Eric, I really enjoyed this and now can't wait to see this History Channel special, which I missed. Another bit of evidence why we need a TiVo or MythTV setup in our house! :-)

    Did you use skype to do the interview? What did you use for the recording if so? Sounded real good.

  2. Thanks for the mention Wesley. For the Cutler interview I actually only sat my i-River next to the speaker phone. I did recently do a phone interview that turned out really well using a couple of things I picked up from Radio Shack and will be mentioning them soon on an upcoming show. It works really well, is very clear and does not require any experience with Skype if you want to do an interview with someone who is not familiar with the technology.