Monday, April 17, 2006

Podcast #20 - Interview by Knoxville TV News on School i-Pod Ban in Anderson County

Hello. Just a quick show this time but a very timely topic. On April 13th when I got home from school I found a note from my wife that said I was to call a TV news station in Knoxville, Tennessee about a story on a school banning i-pods. Since I have no connection to Knoxville and had no knowledge of any school banning i-pods I was curious about the intent of the call. It turns out they had learned of my use of "studycasts" in class and wanted a counter point when they did the story on the Anderson County school board banning i-pods on their campus. Check out the links below for a text version of the news story from WATE television news in Knoxville, Tennessee along with a link to view the video of the news story.

What do you think about a school board banning i-pods or MP3 players entirely from school grounds? Leave a comment or e-mail me at

Direct link to Speaking of History Podcast #20 - Interview by Knoxville TV News on School Board i-Pod Ban in Anderson County - MP3 Format (8 minutes)

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  1. Wow, thanks so much for posting and publishing on this, Eric. I posted to my blog and the TechLearning blog tonight on this. Best post I've seen related to the idea of banning a potentially disruptive technology is Doug Johnson's article in the March issue of ISTE's Learning and Leading with Technology on banning pencils. Doug also posted about this to his blog last September.

    Thanks so much for keeping up the high quality podcasts!