Sunday, April 23, 2006

Podcast #22 - Interview with Missouri State Archivist Kenneth Winn

Hello. Today's episode is an interview with the State Archivist for the state of Missouri - Kenneth Winn. I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Winn at the Missouri State Social Studies conference in Jefferson City back in March. He was the keynote speaker at the dinner and he happened to be sitting next to me during the meal. His speech was very interesting and I was glad he agreed to conduct a short interview with me. I was very interested in two aspects of the archives: 1) the number of diversity of items housed in the archives and 2) the variety of online resources available to both teachers and the general public. I hope that you find this interview interesting and it encourages you to investigate your state archives.

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This episode also includes a new intro using background music from James Underberg of PodSafe Audio. I edited it using Audacity and including clips from famous speeches.

Direct Link to Speaking of History Podcast #22 - Interview with Missouri State Archivist Kenneth Winn - MP3 Format (16 minutes)

Show Notes for Podcast #22:

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