Monday, January 22, 2007

Podcast #60 - Connecticut State Senator Bill Finch's "Who Wants to Change the World" Contest

Hello. This summer while attending the 2006 Cable's Leaders In Learning Awards in Washington DC I had the pleasure of meeting Connecticut State Senator Bill Finch - the winner of an award in the policy maker category. Senator Finch has an incredible project named the "Who Wants to Change the World" Contest. High school students think of an idea they would like to see passed into law. The student writes an essay about the proposed law and the student with the best idea has the opportunity to testify before the state senate with the potential of seeing their idea passed into law. Several student proposed bills have been passed into law. Over the past five years winning essays have included bills to regulate smoking in public areas, veterans day activities in schools, official recognition of Muslim holidays in the state of Connecticut and protecting children from drunk driving. This is a great project that could be replicated by teachers and politicans in other states.

The podcast includes a short interview with Senator Finch at the Leaders in Learning activities in Washington DC this past summer. Be sure to check out the show notes below for links to Senator Finch's official page and a special page dedicated to the Who Wants to Change the World Contest and examples of some winning essays. Also check out the link for a podcast with Senator Finch created by Doug Levin of Cable in the Classroom for additional infomation.

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Direct link to Podcast #60 - Connecticut State Senator Bill Finch's Who Wants to Change the World Contest - MP3 Format - 8:22 minutes

Show Notes for Podcast #60:

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