Friday, March 30, 2007

Podcast #78 - Park University Educational Technology Grad Class and Audacity

Hello. Today's podcast is a quick interview with my students at Park University. I teach 8th grade American History as my day job but I am also on the faculty at Park University in Parkville, Missouri where I teach a grad class : ED 491 - Technology for the Classroom. It is an awesome course to teach and this is my 5th time teaching it. I teach it as an online class in the winter and as a face to face in the spring. They gave me the ability to create the curriculum and it is really sort of a "School 2.0" offering. We discuss - and use - a variety of tools for teachers: blogs, wikis, podcasting, video, digital photography, online assessment, copyright issues, writing ed tech grants, multimedia presentations, etc.

Last night we discussed wikis and podcasting. We used Audacity and the students were able to dig in and play around with it - for each of the six students in the class it was their first exposure to Audacity. I love the fact that the 8 week class meets for 4 hours each week - it gives us time to discuss the tools but also really practice using them, a factor not usually included in traditional workshops or inservices on tech. Today's podcast is a quick interview with the students after they had played with Audacity and had some time to think about how they might use it in their classrooms.

The picture on this blog is MacKay Hall - the building I teach ED 491 in at Park University. It is awesome! I feel like I might run into Harry Potter every time I turn the corner in the hallway! It also has an amazing view of the Missouri River from the window!

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