Friday, March 16, 2007

USA Today Article on Podcasting Mentions "Speaking of History"

Hello. A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by reporter Maria Puente about the Speaking of History podcast and today - March 16, 2007 - it appeared in the print edition of the USA Today. Very exciting. It is a great article about some of the "offbeat" podcasts currently available.

Here is a quick take from the article:

Some education podcasts are produced by high school and middle school teachers reaching out to other teachers on ways to connect with less-than-engaged students. Eric Langhorst, a junior high history teacher in Liberty, Mo., uses his podcast, Speaking of History, to hook students who dislike history but love their iPods.

"(The dislike) comes from the way history is traditionally presented in classrooms," Langhorst says. "Students like history when they see a program on TV or go to a museum or hear a story. Once you get them hooked, the story of American history is very engaging."

You can read the entire article online here at the USA Today site. If you are a first time visitor as a result of the article welcome to Speaking of History where the topics are generally a combination of technology, education and history. If you have any questions or comments about the podcast please e-mail me at or leave a comment to the this blog post.

Thanks and talk to you again soon.

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  1. I was just reading USA Today from yesterday and saw the article - this is great coverage. Hopefully your stats will reflect the interest people who haven't yet heard of your podcast will have once they know about it!

    I like the picture you put on the blog entry for those who can't get the print edition.

    Keep up the great work!