Thursday, May 24, 2007

Podcast #82 - Round Table Discussion with Park University Students on Using Technology in the Classroom

Hello. Today's podcast is a round table discussion I had a couple of weeks ago with my graduate students at Park University in Parkville, Missouri. I teach a graduate education course named "Technology for the Classroom". This spring I had 6 amazing students who did an awesome job of absorbing and incorporating the educational technology we discussed. None of them had created a blog or podcast before starting class and at the end of the 8 week class they had created blogs, wikis, podcasts, set up a Bloglines account and digital video projects. We celebrated on the final night by having a movie premiere night and showcasing their work. We finished the class with a round table discussion about using technology in the classroom and that is the basis of today's podcast.

I would like to the thank all the students in this year's class. We met each Thursday from 5:00 to 9:30 PM and I enjoyed each class - included the night we had to leave the building because of a bomb threat and had to teach the class in the underground - literally. I wish them all luck in the future and have confidence that they be courageous in implementing this new web 2.0 technology. I wanted to take a picture at our last class and then forgot about it until everyone was gone. They were a great group of students.

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