Thursday, May 24, 2007

Podcast #85 - Interview With Scott Peterson on the C-Span 2008 Campaign Bus

Hello. Today the podcast is an interview with Scott Peterson on board the C-Span 2008 Campaign Bus. Earlier this week I was in Lincoln, Nebraska where I gave the keynote address at the Time Warner Spotlight on Education Award Banquet and before the evening's activities started people were able to check out the C-Span bus. This is the same C-Span bus that used to be bright yellow. Now it has a cool looking wrap that looks like a huge American flag. I interviewed C-Span marketing representative Scott Peterson inside the bus about it's purpose and the upcoming 2008 presidential election. Be sure to check out the show notes below for some additional information about C-Span and the Campaign 2008 bus. If they roll through your town it is worth your while to come out and see the bus.

Show Notes for Podcast #85:

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