Thursday, May 24, 2007

Podcast #83 - Alexander Doniphan Presentation at The Truman Presidential Library

Hello. Last week the Truman Presidential Library in Independence, Missouri hosted a meeting of the Western Missouri Civil War Round Table. Local historian John Dillingham gave a presentation on local historical figure Alexander Doniphan. Doniphan was a national hero in the mid 1800's and lived in Liberty, Missouri. He is most noted for saving the life of Mormon prophet Joseph Smith and leading the longest march in United States military history in the Mexican War. He was also an advocate for education and one of Missouri's most respected government officials. He once met Abraham Lincoln and Lincoln is reported to have said: "Alexander Doniphan is the only man I have ever met who lived up to my previous expectations." Today there many items which bear his name including several towns, a school, a battleship, a county, a highway and numerous local awards. I hope you enjoy this presentation on a true historical hero from Liberty and check out the links below for additional information.

Podcast #83 Show Notes:

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