Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy 200th Birthday President Lincoln

Happy Birthday Mr. Lincoln. I wonder what Abe would think about all the excitement over his birthday in 2009. Today in class we are talking about Lincoln, trying to help break the world record by reciting the Gettysburg Address with over 200,000 other people and having a birthday party (pictures and video will be added to the blog later).

I have decided to post one of my favorite Lincoln images. I took this picture of a Lincoln statue in Springfield, Illinois in a park right across from the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum when my wife I were on vacation in the summer of 2007. The beautifully restored Springfield Train Depot is in the background. I love this picture because Lincoln seems to be saying "come on down and have a seat, I'd like to visit with you" and he is smiling.

Happy birthday Abe and thanks for all you did and endured to help us live in the country we do today.

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