Sunday, February 01, 2009

Screencast : Smithsonian's Interactive Gettysburg Address

Hello. Do you teach the Gettysburg Address in your classroom? If you do please check out this screencast featuring an interactive Gettysburg Address from The Smithsonian. This screencast was created wing Jing Pro. If you have any comments on this screencast or ideas on how to use this resource in the classroom, please leave a comment on this blog post.

Direct link to Smithsonian's Interactive Gettysburg Address


  1. I love screencasts. I am a middle shool librarian and I use them all the time. I use them with my fifth grade IEP students when they are doing research. I find a website on their level and do a screencast of me reading it. At times I might highlight something on the screen or focus their attention to a particular part in the passage. It allows them to be more independent in their research.
    I also use it to create "how-to" tutorials on using particular databases or websites for students to access.

  2. Thanks for the comment Miss M. Great tool that I know we will be using more in our classroom the rest of the year. Sounds like you are doing great things in your classroom with screencasts.