Friday, August 01, 2014

Editing Photos in Snapseed

I love taking digital pictures.  I don't have a DLR camera, just a point and shoot but I do love taking pictures and then editing them in different ways on my laptop and iPad.  Perhaps my favorite photo editing app is Snapseed.  Snapseed in my opinion is the best free app you can put on your iPad.  The number of filters and effects you can add is amazing.  Their newest feature - HDR Scape - is my favorite. You can pull out different shades, colors, shadows, etc.

If you haven't tried Snapseed give it a spin on your iPad.  It is the perfect iPad app because you can manipulate and changed filters by touching the screen and sliding the options. 

Below are some of the images that I have taken and modified in Snapseed over the past couple of days.

Kansas City from World War I Memorial - by Eric Langhorst

Google Campus - by Eric Langhorst

World War I Museum in Kansas City - by Eric Langhorst
Discovery Middle School in Liberty, Missouri - by Eric Langhorst

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