Monday, January 19, 2009

Podcast #170 - Resources to Teach the Inauguration In Your Classroom

Hello. Classrooms across the country on January 20th will be focused on the inauguration of our next president - Barack Obama. Today I would like to share just a couple of resources that you can use in your classroom with your students. There are many, many sites to help you teach the inauguration, those listed below are just a few.

The New York Times has created a rich and interactive site to provide perspective on the inaugural speeches of every president in United States history - see the full text of each speech, a PDF of the New York Times the following day and a word cloud which demonstrates the number of times each word was used. The Times also has an excellent interactive page showing the route Mr. Obama will take during the day, ala Google Earth style. The third site is a link to a cool visual Obama mosaic created from the front pages of over 600 newspapers from the day after the election in November.

If you have any comments about the podcast or would like to share what your classroom did on Inauguration Day please leave a comment on this blog post.

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